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Dental Restorations to Keep Your Teeth in Top Condition

While brushing and flossing at home are crucial steps to keep your teeth in the best possible condition, plaque, decay, and infections can still happen. Georgetown Sleep Dentistry resolves the pain and damage of these issues at our practice in Georgetown with dental restorations. Our team removes the affected tissue and custom-creates restorative treatment options like crowns and fillings. Once we complete your required procedure, your smile will return to its former brilliance.

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Protect Your Teeth With Our Restorative Services

Georgetown Sleep Dentistry’s team of restorative professionals has a sharp skillset of effective procedures to resolve decay and damage and preserve your oral health and appearance. Our collection of dental restorations includes the following.

Our Collection of Dental Restorations


Plaque collecting on your teeth can dissolve the enamel and result in a cavity. We resolve cavities by cleaning out the affected tissue and filling the space using porcelain or metal filling. These dental fillings are an easy solution to minor damage caused by tooth decay. They restore the tooth’s surface and protect the space from bacteria and other contaminants that could cause another cavity.


If your tooth has a substantial amount of decay or already has several fillings, we may suggest getting a crown to fix it. These custom-created restorations, also known as caps, cover the entire tooth and provide strength and protection from bacteria and other harmful elements. The most natural-looking material choice for a crown is porcelain. We also make them using gold and porcelain fused to metal.


When you get a tooth extracted because of decay or damage, our team offers bridges to fill the vacant spot in the lost tooth effectively. Bridges are custom-made restorations with an artificial tooth or teeth attached to the adjacent natural teeth. We reduce the size of the adjacent teeth to fit crowns on them as support for the bridge, and the crowns and artificial teeth blend in with the rest of your teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

Once decay progresses and affects your tooth’s nerve, you may require root canal treatment to clear out the infected tissue and save the tooth. During the procedure, we remove the nerve and other soft tissue inside the tooth, fill the empty space with an elastic material, and seal it to keep out any further chance of infection. A treated tooth is more vulnerable to chipping or cracking, so we may install a crown over it to prevent damage.

Our Georgetown Practice, Keeps You Smiling

Georgetown Sleep Dentistry has your best interests at heart and always advises you on the restorative treatment option that is best for your condition. Let our friendly team of oral care professionals keep you smiling after resolving your dental decay and damage.

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