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Use Invisalign® to Straighten Your Teeth Discreetly

Patients of Georgetown Sleep Dentistry with alignment issues like crowding, gaps, and overbites may be eligible to use Invisalign® aligners. Our Georgetown dental practice gladly straightens teeth with these clear plastic aligners so that patients can correct their smiles without the discomfort and embarrassment of brackets and wires. You wear each aligner for two weeks and remove it only to brush, floss, eat and drink. During your treatment plan, your teeth gradually shift to their correct positions.

Woman wearing orthodontic silicone trainer

An Alignment Solution Made to Fit Your Lifestyle

Invisalign® is usually a one-year treatment span, during which you receive custom-created aligners at regular intervals for each step of treatment. Our team will assess your alignment issues and determine how many aligners you will need to correct your smile. These clear aligners offer many benefits to patients, such as the following.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Nearly Invisible Aligners

The clear plastic aligners fit tightly against your teeth and are virtually invisible to anyone who sees your smile. You can speak, laugh, and smile without any issues or concern over your appearance. Traditional braces use brackets and wires to move your teeth into the correct position. Invisalign® gradually fixes alignment issues without the eye-catching look of metal and rubber bands whenever you open your mouth.

Brush, Floss, and Eat Like Normal

The aligners are easy to remove whenever you decide to brush, floss, or eat something. While the treatment requires you to wear the aligner for most of the day, you can still enjoy your favorite foods and practice oral hygiene without problems like bits of food getting stuck around brackets or wires. Make sure you always clean your teeth after eating before you place the aligner back on your teeth to prevent food particles from collecting in it.

Enjoy an Active Lifestyle

If you play sports or exercise frequently, Invisalign® does not affect your active lifestyle. The aligners don’t have any bands or wires to irritate your mouth, and you won’t break off any brackets while playing on the field or running on the track. Your social engagements are worry-free as well since you can remove the aligners for special occasions like job interviews or parties.

Better Comfort than Traditional Braces

The clear plastic aligners put pressure on your teeth to gradually correct their alignment, but it is more comfortable than the pull of traditional braces. You also don’t have to worry about wires and brackets rubbing against your soft tissues. Instead, the aligners fit snugly against your teeth, and their smooth surface has significantly less chance of irritating the inside of your mouth.

Our Professional Team Is Here to Serve Georgetown

Don’t put off fixing your teeth’s alignment issues any longer. Georgetown Sleep Dentistry is ready to help you discreetly straighten your teeth using Invisalign®, letting you smile with confidence during the entire treatment plan.

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