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Wisdom Teeth Removal to Protect Your Mouth

Most people suffer from issues with their wisdom teeth when they grow in during their teen or young adult years. Patients in Georgetown who need wisdom teeth removal can turn to the skillful and friendly team at Georgetown Sleep Dentistry. We have performed this procedure countless times and understand the pain and suffering impacted wisdom teeth can cause. We stay on top of our patients’ oral health and wisdom teeth development using x-rays and examinations. If your wisdom teeth are growing in misaligned or causing other problems, we can schedule an appointment to remove them carefully.

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Reasons Georgetown Sleep Dentistry Removes Wisdom Teeth

Georgetown Sleep Dentistry offers wisdom teeth removal as a crucial procedure for most teens and young adults. Having wisdom teeth grow in properly with healthy gums is an uncommon occurrence. Wisdom teeth typically struggle to find a way to erupt from your gums. If they become impacted, they can take different positions. Poorly positioned wisdom teeth can cause all sorts of dental issues affecting your oral and overall health. Some of the resulting risks and conditions associated with impacted wisdom teeth includes the following.

Risks and Conditions Associated With Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth only partially erupt, they can let bacteria into the openings around the teeth. These bacteria will grow and eventually develop into an infection, leading to additional pain, a fever, and other risks to the surrounding tissues' welfare and your general health. Other symptoms of an infection include stiffness, swelling, and illness.

The pressure your wisdom teeth put on the neighboring teeth can put them out of alignment and lead to further painful dental issues. You can suffer tooth loss and substantial misalignment, resulting in problems like decay and other damage to your teeth. These issues can inflict significant pain on a patient and take expensive procedures to rectify.

Cysts and tumors are the most severe issues that occur when you have impacted wisdom teeth. They develop around the wisdom teeth, destroying the other healthy teeth and your jawbone. The resulting tooth loss and damage to your bone and other tissues have long-term consequences and take significant dental work to fix.

Our Georgetown Practice, Welcomes All Patients

Let the professional team at Georgetown Sleep Dentistry keep a watchful eye on your wisdom teeth starting in your mid-teen years. If your wisdom teeth show signs of being problematic, our team will expertly remove them to prevent any further pain or damage.

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