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Get Orthodontic Braces in Georgetown

Straightening your teeth calls for a specific area of dental care known as orthodontics. Braces are one of the most common appliances people think of when they hear the word orthodontics. Many teens and adults come to Georgetown Sleep Dentistry in Georgetown with alignment issues, such as overbites, underbites, crossbites, and crowding. We use many types of appliances to fix these issues, and the most common braces are those with stainless steel and ceramic or porcelain attachments.

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What You Can Expect While Wearing Braces

Georgetown Sleep Dentistry understands the stress of wearing braces at any age. The brackets and wires show every time you smile. However, the results of orthodontics are well-worth the treatment, and our team helps ease the process. Every patient gets individual attention during their treatment plan to resolve their alignment issues comfortably and effectively.

During the Duration of Wearing Braces, You Can Expect the Following.

Get a Beautiful Smile

Our goal with orthodontic treatment is to correct your teeth and jaw alignment issues and give you a flawless smile. We make the process as comfortable as possible for the duration of your plan. Once you complete it and we remove the braces, you will enjoy a boost in your self-confidence with perfectly straight teeth. Correcting your alignment issues also helps you avoid other issues like decay due to the odd positioning of your teeth. You have less chance of developing more serious dental problems after undergoing an orthodontic plan.

Treatment Duration Tailored to Each Patient

Treatment duration is typically between one and three years, and the required time for braces depends on your alignment issue’s severity and your face and mouth’s rate of growth. Each patient grows at their own rate, making their response to any orthodontic treatment vary. Your treatment duration may deviate from what we originally estimate due to this factor.

Stay Diligent with Your Treatment Plan

Staying on top of your treatment plan and any devices or components is vital to completing your treatment as soon as possible and with the best results. If we prescribe rubber bands for your braces or headgear to use with them, you need to be diligent about using them. Your treatment may be as short as six months in the case of early treatment procedures, also called interceptive procedures. In any treatment plan, make sure you stay on top of your responsibilities to complete it as efficiently as possible.

Trust the Specialists at Georgetown Sleep Dentistry

The professionals at Georgetown Sleep Dentistry have ample experience helping patients with alignment issues. We will assess your type and severity and create a custom plan to correct your pearly whites.

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